• Identify your skills, work values and interests through a number of assessments and activities

  • Research and define career pathway option/s based on your skills and personal preferences. Conduct informational interviews with someone in your chosen job or industry type to find out what’s it really like in the “day of a…”  Discover what you really want to be when you grow up!

  • Align current and future education, tertiary and vocational training requirements with preferred options

  • Identify and set goals to overcome barriers to success and create a 2 - 5 year plan.  Let’s put some tangible and achievable steps in place to achieve that dream job and define where you intend to be in the next 2 - 5 years

Suggested Investment:  3 - 5 hours @ $130 per hour plus assessment costs if required



  • Identify your transferable skills, work values and interests through a number of assessments and activities.  Review past experience, the highlights and lowlights

  • Research and define career pathway options. What, where, how and why? What are your real or perceived barriers to success and how to overcome them?

  • If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself let’s take a closer look at that, and that includes a reality check.  

  • Is your chosen move future proofed? The 4th industrial revolution is here

  • Identify additional training, qualifications or certifications you might need to reach your preferred goal. Are there any skill gaps? Let’s work out how you can fill those gaps

  • Put the plan into action.  We'll put some tangible and achievable steps in place to get where you need to be

Suggested Investment:  3 - 5 hours @ $130 per hour plus assessment costs if required


Feeling confident and optimistic are critical to a successful job search so if you are struggling with motivation or feeling paralysed by fear due to job loss I can help you identify strategies to understand and cope with change

  • Understand and deal with the effects of job loss or significant change in your career. Understand your emotional reactions to change and identify strategies for dealing with it

  • Turn a negative into a positive.  Take the opportunity to re-align your career

  • Stay engaged as you exit your organisation so that you can add one last achievement to your CV and get great references

Suggested Investment:  1 - 3 hours @ $130 per hour as required


  • Craft a CV specifically with that perfect job in mind that showcases your skills, experience and most importantly achievements to get your application screened in not out

  • What are key words and where do you need to use them? How do Applicant Tracking programmes work?

  • Write a cover letter targeted to each and every job you apply for

Suggested Investment:  2 - 3 hours @ $130 per hour plus assessment costs if required.  Note: If you have completed a Career Assesment module most assessments will already be done.

Templates provided free of charge to type up your CV.

I can also provide a typing & formatting service once the content is completed @ $65 per hour.  Feedback on content is done during consultation time


Your Career Branding message should be both consistent and compelling. This includes your CV, cover letter, networking conversations, interview responses and your online professional profiles.  This module focusses mainly on linkedIn and is ideally done when you are happy with your CV

  • Maximise your profile so that you can be found (and approached) by recruiters and headhunters

  • Use LinkedIn to  build and leverage a network.  LinkedIn should be more than just an address book full of people you barely know.  Find out who you need to talk to and how you can access them.

  • Research companies, industries and a knowledge base

  • As with LinkedIn on SEEK, you can create a profile and upload a CV and customise settings to let employers know you are open to approaches.  This is one to keep an eye on. It’s getting smarter and smarter with it’s interface

  • What other sites do you need to be on?

Suggested investment: 1 - 2 hours @ $130 per hour plus free review and feedback on your updated LinkedIn profile


Success at interviews requires careful planning, preparation, practice and execution.

  • Learn how to anticipate and answer both behavioural and some of the tricky ‘general’ questions which frequently come up

  • Deal effectively with nerves and present yourself at your best

  • Conduct pre and post interview research and follow-up. Debrief on what went well and what you can do better next time

  • Interview coaching can also include role play practice and feedback based on a typical role you would or have applied for

Suggested Investment:  1 - 3 hours@ $130 per hour.  Amount of time required will depend on whether you only need a quick refresher or have had a number of unsuccessful interviews and require a bit more preparation and practice

Networking is likely to be the most important part of your job search and as your career progresses will be a key factor in determining your success in the future.  This is particularly important for those seeking more senior and specialised roles which may not be advertised frequently via the traditional channels.

  • Understand the different types of networking (targeted or directional) and how to find, approach and grow a strong network

  • Create a target list of contacts  to add to your network, prepare a script to ask for the meeting and look at the do’s and don’ts of any networking relationship

  • Create a list of questions to ask, conduct a successful meeting and follow-up activities to build on the relationship

Suggested Investment:  1 - 2 hours at $130 per hour




  • Evaluate how the offer or offers best meet your career aspirations. Review your values, motivators, preferred skills and personal preferences to identify gaps and points of negotiation

  • Plan for and conduct a successful negotiating session

  • Check and re-check your employment contract

  • Celebrate with your career consultant

Suggested investment:  If you have paid for four or more sessions, this one’s on me including the beverage (hot or cold) so all it will cost is one hour of your time. Otherwise this is a one hour session @ $130 per hour

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