Below are some free downloadable resources to help you with your career planning and job search.

Craft a Great Cover Letter

Tips and tricks on how to write a create cover letter


CV Readiness Checklist

A simple checklist to find out if your CV is ready or not


Get Traction with your LinkedIn profile

Guidelines on how to best maximise your LinkedIn profile


Job Options Checklist

A simple checklist to determine your strongest job preferences


When I was job hunting late 2019/early 2020 Leeanne Parkinson assisted me to improve my job search and then to maximise my chances with the job applications I submitted. I found that her help was a definite benefit for me and for my prospects of finding a suitable role. In doing this she was organized, always positive and encouraging and provided up to date, relevant recruitment information and techniques in a friendly manner. Leeanne provided timely feedback and was very willing to help. In the end I did find a full-time role for which I was grateful for. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leeanne to anyone else who would like assistance finding a new role in what is a very competitive environment.

August 2020