Below are some free downloadable resources to help you with your career planning and job search.

Career Change - Degrees of Difficulty

Thinking about changing direction in your career? There are degrees of difficulty in getting to where you would like to be. What do you need to consider and what steps can you take to achieve your goal?


Craft a Great Cover Letter

Tips and tricks on how to write a great cover letter


CV Readiness Checklist

A simple checklist to find out if your CV is ready or not


Get Traction with your LinkedIn profile

Guidelines on how to best maximise your LinkedIn profile


Job Options Checklist

A simple checklist to determine your strongest job preferences


I approached Leeanne from Career Spheres when my workplace was going through a restructure 18 months ago and again more recently during a Covid19 related restructure. Each time the company started talking about change I felt a lot of unease and found it hard to think clearly to make the hard decisions like do I take voluntary Redundancy? do I apply for another internal role or leave for another challenge?. After just one session with Leeanne I felt a lot clearer about what options would suit my current situation and after 2 sessions I was able to make a decision and feel confident about it. I have now left my employer and Leeanne is helping with my CV, LinkedIN profile and preparation for upcoming interviews. I find her service invaluable and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others at any kind of career crossroads!

August 2020