Why now is as good a time as any for a career change

Needless to say, in these challenging times I’m talking to a lot of people who have no choice but to look at a change of career or move into a new sector. I’m also talking to a lot of people who have been feeling stuck or dissatisfied with their current careers and almost feeling guilty about the fact they are considering a change given they should feel grateful that they have a job at all.

My question is, "if not now, when?” There is never going to be a right time to take a leap of faith.  There is always risk, but if you have identified and measured the risks and have a plan to manage the scariest ones, you have done everything you can do apart from looking into a crystal ball and seeing all that the future holds.

Here are some reasons why right now could be the right time for you to make a change:

1. Covid-19 has given many of us a chance to reflect on what we really want out of our personal and work lives.  We have a finite time in this world to be happy, feel fulfilled and do work that gives us what we want. Whether that’s a more relaxed lifestyle, more challenge or using our skills differently, if you don’t put a plan in place and start acting, it won’t happen.

2. There’s still growth and demand in some sectors and jobs.  If you turn off the news and start talking to people, you might just find there are new opportunities out there that you didn’t have access to before.  For now, growth sectors include Health, Food production and FMCG, Construction and Infrastructure, Aged Care industry, Environment and Sustainability and the Government sector. www.careers.govt.nz/jcovid-19-and-industries-with-jobs

We have a finite time in this world to be happy, feel fulfilled and do work that gives us what we want.

3. Many employers are now genuinely open to talking to people from different roles and sectors rather than just paying lip service to hiring for potential and fit rather than specific background and experience which is music to a career consultant’s ears.  www.tvnz.co.nz/air-new-zealand-gives-thanks-companies-offering-jobs-its-laid-off-workers

4. Maybe now is the time to bring your dream of self-employment alive. If you have been thinking about working closer to, or from home, opening up a small business, consulting or contracting, the “buy local” trend means your community and wider network will want to support you

5. Perhaps the change you desire is closer than you think. If you’ve been with your current organisation for a while, they know your potential and may be open to investing in your future. You’re never going to know if you’ve missed a golden opportunity that was right at your feet unless you have a conversation with your boss, or wider network within your current organisation

If you would like assistance with developing and implementing your career change strategy, get in touch for a no-obligation 15-minute chat.

When I was job hunting late 2019/early 2020 Leeanne Parkinson assisted me to improve my job search and then to maximise my chances with the job applications I submitted. I found that her help was a definite benefit for me and for my prospects of finding a suitable role. In doing this she was organized, always positive and encouraging and provided up to date, relevant recruitment information and techniques in a friendly manner. Leeanne provided timely feedback and was very willing to help. In the end I did find a full-time role for which I was grateful for. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leeanne to anyone else who would like assistance finding a new role in what is a very competitive environment.

August 2020