Career Coaching for Job Seekers & Job Changers

In these challenging times where our jobs and indeed entire sectors are changing or disappearing at an exponential rate it’s more important than ever to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether you’re planning to make a change through choice, or having to think outside the square due to decreased demand for your skills, making informed decisions on what you want to do next and how to achieve your goals can be daunting.  

Career coaching sessions require time and commitment from you and decisions can rarely be made after just one session. Your programme will be tailored to meet your needs but typical areas covered can include:

  • Understanding and dealing with the effects of job loss or significant change in your career. Understand your emotional reactions to change and identify strategies for dealing with it
  • Identify your transferable skills, work values and interests through a number of assessments and activities.  Review past experience, the highlights and lowlights
  • Research and define career pathway options. What, where, how and why? What are your real or perceived barriers to success and how to overcome them? 
  • Identify additional training, qualifications or certifications you might need to reach your preferred goal. Are there any skill gaps? Let’s work out how you can fill those gaps
  • If you’re thinking of self-employment, let’s take a closer look at that, including a reality check based on your values, drivers and needs.
  • Put the plan into action.  We'll put some tangible and achievable steps in place to get where you need to be


3 hours @ $150 per hour

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
William James

When I was made redundant Leeanne was recommended to me to assist with the transition. She was understanding, compassionate and had a genuine desire to help. Redundancy is a huge upset at the time however with Leeanne's guidance and expertise, I felt positive and uplifted. I felt completely at ease with her and really enjoyed our meetings. Leeanne is a delightful lady and I will certainly always be grateful for how she got me back on track.

August 2020